Neha Sharma, M.Sc. Student, University of Delhi

Neha Sharma

Friends, its my pleasure to discuss about yet another energetic and deeply committed volunteer Ms. Neha Sharma, who has recently completed her internship with Blue Pen.

When asked about how she came to know about Blue Pen , Neha responds,” I had got to know about Blue Pen NGO from Isrg Rajan. I liked the initiative this NGO is working on. I thought of becoming a part of it. The approach is appropriate in the way that the children can learn things at the very space they reside in. Providing support through materials such as books, pens, pencils, etc., and a constant motivation to the learners towards learning is good and effective. The informal yet formal approach is an add-on to the progress they as a team have achieved and for children it is a boon. So, I support this initiative and the ideology to a large extent.”

Revealing further about her educational background and philosophy about kids, Neha further goes on, “I am pursuing Master of Science in Human Development and Childhood Studies, from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. I study about children, they are the central focus of what I study and the target group we work with. As a Human Development and Childhood Studies expert-to-be, I will like to explore more about children. Every child is same for me, I don’t feel giving them labels such as underprivileged, poor, disabled, or LGBTQ. My perspective of viewing children as children first, emerged as I explored my area of specialisation. There are many other things that we should consider while working with children. When I see children, I can recall the various things which are responsible for shaping their personality, so my approach is to become like them to work with them. Initially I had some problems working with them but later on things became smooth.”

Discussing about her future plans, Neha continues, “My future plan is to become a School Counsellor to work more closely with children, and to become a Certified therapist specializing in Children and family related issues. Apart from that, my purpose of becoming a counsellor is to spread awareness about the issue of “wellbeing in people”, which people don’t focus much on. I feel one thing about this scenario is that people run behind money but they lack reflecting back on what they do and why they do that. As I am in such a field, I support this issue and will love to take forward my ideas among the masses. Also, I feel we need to talk about what we feel to overcome our insecurities, and a supportive mind-set towards understanding this basic idea can do miracles, which I feel should be supported and taken forward. Talking to children is far more important to impart knowledge about things which are going on these days, and talking to them is important because books are not always effective in imparting every knowledge, some things need to be communicated directly.”

(NOTE: Sharing our bi-weekly posts carious groups of Facebook/Whatsapp helps us identify more volunteers, and cover more slums)

A. WHAT WE DO? :- Our objective is to impart to Kids/Women of Flyover/Slums, following modules:-
* Regular Teaching sessions, with special focus on females (on lines of “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao Abhiyaan”)
* Teaching Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene (on lines of “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Nutritious Food (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Skill development (Ex. Cycle/mobile/auto repair etc) (on lines of “Kushal Bharat Abhiyaan”)
* Regular Medical Checkups (on lines of “Swastha Bachpan” Program)
* Teaching Electronic Gadgets (on lines of “Digital Connect India Program”)

B. OUR SCHEDULE:- Every Sunday, our timetable is:

*930-1030AM : Munirka-I, Munirka-II, Munirka-III & IIT flyover and Noida (all parallel sessions)

*11-12PM: Safdarjung-I, Safadarjung-II,
Nizamuddin I & II and Okhla sessions (parallel sessions)

*12:30-1PM: lunch of volunteers at near GK & Okhla

*2-4PM: “Extended” sessions at Prajapati mohalla, Tughlaqabad village & Sangam vihar and Faridabad (all parallel sessions)

(For exact Google locations of sites, pls visit our website )

(Note: We only accept Crossed Cheque/Draft/RTGS, only in name of “Blue Pen”..Home collection of Cheque facility available..Please avoid Cash as Blue Pen believes in ‘Transparent-Cashless’ philosophy… visit ….Feel free to Ring up 9013130000 for any help)

C-1. VOLUNTEERING EVERY SUNDAY: Best way to contribute to this noble cause for these deprived kids/women, is to participate in our 1Hr teaching sessions at different Flyovers every Sunday.Every new volunteer enables us to cover 20 new slum kids.

Things you can do for Slum and Flyover Kids with Blue Pen

C-2. “MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM in name of your Beloved ones” (15000/Yr):- Our viewers can contact us to announce “Memorial Scholarship in memory of their own parents/Grand parents/beloved ones” for selected meritorious kid of Flyovers/Slums, which will be popularised by us on various media platforms as well as our Website.

C-3. SPONSOR A FLYOVER (10,000/month):- This will cover cost of Food & Education of all kids of a particular Flyover for one month.Name of Donor will be flashed on our website as well as publicised on various social media platforms.

C-4. SPONSOR-A-SLUM (20,000/Month):- This will cover cost of Food/Education of all kids at particular slum like Sangam Vihar/Tughlaqabad etc, whose no.of kids far more than flyover.

C-5. CELEBRATE BIRTHDAY OF YOUR BELOVED ONE WITH FLYOVER KIDS (Cost: Actual Receipt of McDonald+1000/-as Trust charges):- McDonald receipt shall be given to Donor. It is desirable that at least one member of Donor’s family is present during celebration with flyover kids.

C-6. SHARE OLD BOOKS/TOYS/CLOTHES/BLANKETS WITH FLYOVER KIDS/WOMEN : Home collection facility available for NCR region. Contact us at 9013130000 for appropriate logistical support

C-7. INTERNSHIP PROGRAM:- It is for Students of all Levels of Academics. This Certificate will be important for International/Domestic Admissions/Jobs for youngsters, as it certifies their commitment towards Social Causes. This Two month Internship (Sundays only) also helps in connecting younger generation with ‘Real India.

D. Visit us at or
Ring 09013130000 or click following links
1. for Sponsoring
2. for volunteering


(Note: Blue Pen is officially recognised Charitable trust by Government of India under Section 12A of Income Tax Act,1961 and all donors, both individual or Corporates, are eligible for Income Tax Exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act,1961)